Organic Landscaping

Why Organic Landscaping?

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Organic Landscaping Works Better

I've been in the lawn care industry for over 7 years now. Going organic was more about common sense than doing something that sounded good. When I began in 2010 I did what everyone else did. If you wanted to pay me to put weed and feed down I was happy to make some easy money. Same thing for weeds, sure why not it's easy. Then the results caused me to question what I was doing. Why does weed and feed burn the lawn? That can't be good. Trust me it’s not for some many reasons. And as for the weed killer, I did my homework to try and find the best. 5 years ago, I would have told you I succeeded. My body told me another story. I'll admit I read all of the directions just enough to know I could kill the weeds. A few nose bleeds and headaches later mixed with nausea and dizziness I read the whole label. Turns out you need nearly an entire hazmat suit to apply stuff that can be bought at the local garden center. I asked why. I already had some idea because my own experience. But as I did my homework to find out why these products produce these results it was clear they are no good for our health plant and turf healthy or the environment. As I switched to organic lawn care and soil supporting methods I became enthralled with all the information. The relationship between all the life we don't see in the soil and how plants thrive as the life in the soil takes off. It's truly amazing and something I wish to share with the world. To make a long story short it was clear that there is a better way and long term conventional practices do much more harm than they could ever do. The Hippie with a Haircut Peace!

For every 10 customers who choose to go organic we help prevent 1,600 pounds or salt filled synthetic fertilizer from being used. little known fact about weed and feed, it's actually a herbicide with a fertilizer carrier. Herbicides are made from synthetic plant hormones. That's like causing dysfunction in your thyroid and saying its healthy.  That's 40,000,000 million pounds per 250 thousand people a year.  What else does going organic do? Increases moisture retention, increases saturation of water during heavy rainfall to prevent flooding. Helps to break down toxins in the environment. Increases real nutrient absorption.  Want to be a part of making a change in our environment? Start at home. With 63,000 square miles of lawn in the US that’s a big impact. Let’s break that down to see how much impact that really is. 1 square mile is 640 acres. That’s 40,320,000 acres of lawn. Fertilizer recommendations are based on square feet let’s see what that looks like. That’s a staggering 1,756,339,200,000 sqft Do you think we could make a national impact if we made the switch? I do.

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