Lawn Top-Dressing Service

Why Use A Natural Lawn Top-Dressing Service?

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Natural Lawn Top-Dressing Service Is The Best Way To Go

Top dressing, if done correctly, is additional fertilizer to your lawn care regimen. Nothing compares to the aura of beauty and lush feel that's expressed by a well-balanced lawn. Lawn top dressing is the ideal solution for poor soil quality and quantity.

Why Lawn Top Dressing?

Lawn top dressing is recommended when there's need to build up the soil, level up shallow spots and enhance healthy turf growth. It's the process of applying compost and nutrient-rich, organic matter over the surface of your lawn. Basically, the essence of lawn top dressing is to perpetually tackle soil compaction issues, add nutrients and improve overall lawn health. It's a natural fertilizer.

Core Benefits of Lawn Top Dressing

  • Leveled lawn terrain
  • Improved soil compaction
  • Increased nutrient, moisture and air absorption
  • Compost and organic matter rejuvenates sterile soils
  • Improved drainage control
  • Reduced thatch buildup

Expert Lawn Top Dressing

Your lawn need to be top-dressed by lawn care experts from time-to-time to make sure it's not only healthy, but also able to survive traffic and harsh weather. For perfect topdressing and soil amendment solutions in Texas, Hippie Fertilizing is the people's choice.

At Hippie Fertilizing, we know what lawns in the League City area needs. All of our soil topdressing blends have sand to help break up hard clay soils. 

For any questions please contact Hippie Fertilizing @ 832-277-3710

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