Can Home Remodeling Damage My Lawn?

Will Home Remodeling Affect on My Lawn?

Home Repairs and Remodeling. How Does This Affect My Lawn??

Homeowners are always excited and enthusiastic about starting a home remodeling project. The months (perhaps years) of planning, saving and shopping are finally culminating in the home of your dreams. It’s an exciting time, but getting the home of your dreams can result in being left with a nightmare of a lawn unless precautions are taken during the remodeling process to protect your lawn.

The lawn is rarely a consideration when remolding or doing home repairs. Much of the work, such as sawing, is done on the lawn. Stacking building material on the lawn is also common and the green grass must endure a lot of extra foot traffic while the work is being done.

Consider your lawn before beginning a home remodeling project so a new landscape won’t have to be your next home improvement project.

Dead Grass

Grass and grout don’t mix. Neither does saw dust and tile dust mix well with grass. The dust from these hard interior surface items will harden on top of the soil and smoother the grass. All the extra foot traffic in the same grassy location with workers going back and forth to use a saw will cause soil compaction and smoother grass roots. The dust-covered, compacted soil will have to be thoroughly racked and cleaned of all dust particles and the soil will have to be aerated and amended before grass will ever grow in that location again. Even with all the cleanup work, it will take your lawn up to a year to recover and begin to grow again.

Set the saw up in the driveway or other hard surface outdoor area whenever possible to protect grass. Some dust will blow onto the grass even then, but probably not enough to smoother the tender green blades of turf. When the saw must be set up outdoors on the grass, place a large tarp under the saw to catch the bulk of dust. The tarp will smooth the grass the under it if left in place for an extended period of time, but it will prevent the wood and/or tile dust from accumulating on top of the soil. Bringing dead grass back to life in clean, healthy soil is much faster than  attempting to do it in contaminated soil. Rest assured when lawn damage occurs we can resolve the issue


Not only will the underfoot lawn be damaged by the building material dust deposited on it, so will nearby shrubs, trees and other landscape plants. Plant roots reach out much farther than you  may expect, and work being done on the lawn will affect all nearby plants. We have products that can help rejuvenate affected shrubs and other landscape plants if they have been damaged by home repair or remodeling project. It’s a good idea to begin using our products on your lawns and landscape plants prior to starting a remodeling project so they will be at optimum health and be better able to withstand some of the fall-out that will disrupt their environment.

Building Material

Stacking building materials, both new and discarded items, on the lawn will inevitably affect the grass. The longer the items are in contact with the grass, the more damage is being done to it. A home remodeling project is going to be a messy undertaking, but try to stack new and used items in the driveway or on the side walk to minimize the amount of damage done to the lawn.

If building material must be stored on the lawn, place wood boards under the material to reduce the actual amount of material that comes into direct contact with the soil. Place 2x4s or recycled wood pallets on the grass, then stack lumber, boxes of tile, sheet rock, cabinetry, etc. on them to keep them up and off of the grass.

Lack of Water

A lawn needs steady moisture to thrive, and that is often neglected during a home remodel. Workers don’t want to get drenched by the sprinkler system and building materials must be kept dry, that means the lawn goes without water and dies of dehydration. Take that into consideration when setting up outdoor work stations and try to use a location that will still permit the lawn to be watered as needed. We have products that will enable the soil to retain more water so your lawn will need less frequent waterings. Organic products that will help your lawn grow its best before and after a home remodeling project.

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