Brown Patch In Lawns

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Brown Patch

Brown patch can strike any grass, anywhere. It thrives in humid weather at temperatures between 80 and 85 degrees, so brown patch usually strikes cool-weather grasses in summer and warm-weather grasses in spring or fall. Lawns fed on synthetic fertilizers and regularly dosed with pesticides are particularly vulnerable.

Symptoms: The disease shows up as circular or roughly circular patches a foot to several feet in diameter that first appear dark, as if bruised or soaked with water, and then turn brown as the grass dies. These patches will eventually spread and overlap, leaving irregular brown areas.

Control: The disease is encouraged by wet conditions and poor drainage, so treatment is all about improving drainage. Many fungicides may paradoxically worsen the situation by killing off earthworms and other soil organisms that aerate the soil and make it more porous. Drainage can be improved by topdressing, especially with rich organic matter.  Grass afflicted with brown patch should not be fertilized, as nitrogen encourages the disease. With the exception of Microlife Brown Patch, it works wonders! We also use Microlife Micro Gro Granular to treat and prevent brown patch and other lawn fungus issues.

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